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Thanks to our partners, we can bring real targeted traffic.

  • targeting by country, device, category
  • automatic spam / robot detection
  • bid system
  • the visit will not cost more than you have set

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References from users who use our system. is like a new world for me. A pure (and Czech) PPC platform that has a simple interface and enough thematic traffic for my affiliate sites! I appreciate the distribution of traffic by country and facility for the most targeted traffic - a solid price tag is just a bonus to all this.

Ondřej Martínek

Affiliate partner

Thanks to Traffor, we have an extra source of fairly priced targeted traffic for our projects. They do great job filtering bots, so what we get is quality juice that works. All that being set in just few minutes. Highly recommend it.

Martin Senko

If you are looking for cheap and relevant traffic, the Traffor is right place where you can get both. I’m using it for my affiliate projects with great results. I recommend it.

Tomáš Mahrík

Frequently Asked Questions

  • No it is not. This is real traffic, real people. Our service is different from other similar ones, which sell traffic only for the purpose of statistics in Google Analytics